How to Dress Like the Girl Everybody Wants to Date

Clothes occupy a special place in every woman’s life. But in order not to make mistakes, it is worth learning what exactly men like, what causes their enthusiasm, and what they dislike. This will help avoid embarrassing situations and even improve personal life (like girls from do)

There are several rules that will help you choose clothes so that men like it:

Firstly, any part of the wardrobe should be sexy. In this case, this is not fishnet tights and deep decollete, but some hint of sexuality. So, for example, instead of an ultra mini skirt, it’s best to choose a maxi one but with a sidecut.

Secondly, clothes should be feminine. You can finish the image with the help of a cap, earrings, rings, pendants or bracelets. There is an interesting fact that men often like the country style – a dress made of light fabric and open sandals with a flat sole or low heel. To find out what clothes men like, you can experiment with your own style. But you should never deviate from the main rule – clothes should be chosen strictly according to your size and shape: they should model the waist and hips, but, at the same time, hide the disadvantages of your figure. And it is better to avoid clothes of smaller or, conversely, free size. A perfect figure, which is decorated with a sexy dress, will always provoke interest in men.

Thirdly, polish your shoes. Men want to see only shoes with a high and also elegant heel on your feet. Such shoes will make legs slim, elegance and femininity. To attract a man, it is better to choose high-heeled shoes of bright color.

Why do you need to focus on fabrics and colors when choosing clothes?

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There is a myth that men like black, especially a “little black dress”. However, this is not always a true case. Many men like women dressed in bright outfits. For example, black in combination with a saturated red. If a dress is in harmony with the color of the eyes, hair, and skin, it especially affects men. Also, they prefer to see black or red underwear on women.

Many women ask how to dress to attract men and usually find the answer in changing the style and color of the clothes. But it is important to think about fabrics as well. Ironically, men also pay attention to this. As it is noted by representatives of the stronger sex, women’s clothing should be soft and pleasant. They prefer silk, velvet, veils, mohair, and fur. Fur is not only sexy but also looks gorgeous.

As we mentioned, men like when clothes emphasize waist of a woman, show all the virtues, but at the same time, hide all the disadvantages. A universal choice can be a maxi skirt that is perfectly combined with a tight blouse. In this case, it is important not to forget about accessories that draw the attention of men to a certain part of the body: necklaces on the neck, a brooch on the chest, and earrings in the ears, etc. However, a lot of jewelry may scare a man.

Despite the models of clothes, the main thing is cleanliness and neatness. No man will like a woman if she has dirty collars or cuffs, no matter how fashionable and sexy she looks.

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