Qualities of a Good Woman: Paying Attention to Details

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There are no perfect girls. But this doesn’t mean that there is no a girl with whom you want to tie your life. Many guys act spontaneously when they decide to enter into a serious relationship, but we don’t recommend you to do this. Girls can be damn deceptive. And you will understand this after several months. You should pay attention to the good qualities in a woman who is able to make you happy. What are these qualities? You will know everything right now!

  1.      She is not looking for a “serious relationship”

You think that we contradict ourselves. You have to understand that a girlfriend, who always looks for a “serious relationship”, dreams of having children, a good home, and a rich husband, actually needs benefits, not feelings. Such a girl will not love you and you will feel it some time later. However, if you meet a girl who continues to love you despite different life situation, then you have the right companion of life.

  1.      She sees a real person in you, not an image

Before thinking about serious relationships, try to analyze the feelings of a girl to you. Is there any possibility that she doesn’t know you real, but knows the image that you, perhaps, created by yourself? It is dangerous to live with a person who doesn’t understand your true nature, your shortcomings, and personal characteristics. But if a girl knows your problems and is not afraid of them, then you can try your luck. Such a girl is able to accept the reality. And this is one of the most attractive qualities in a woman.

  1.      She doesn’t look for a savior

We can meet such girls very often. They are looking for men who can get them out of the problems. They can be lovely, beautiful, and devoted. But their desire to live with you is based on the desire to live better – they want a carefree life. Be vigilant and beware of girls who are looking for a savior. You should understand that it is easier to establish a healthy relationship with that girlfriend who doesn’t see a savior in you. It is much more pleasant to live with a person who has financial and psychological independence.

  1.      She’s an optimist

Based on personal experience, we will continue to say that it’s easier, more pleasantly and quietly to live with optimists. They don’t complain about their friends, work, physical condition, and broken dreams. They easily cope with problems and help cope with yours. Optimists are good at times when you face a serious crisis in life. If your girlfriend is an optimist, then appreciate it – you are very lucky because this is one of the best qualities in a woman.

  1.      She’s a cheerleader, not a coach

Some guys need a strong girlfriend, but most of us prefer girls who support our decisions and don’t try to change them. You are a man, so it will always be difficult for you to live with a girl who will control you. You need not a “coach” but a “cheerleader” who can support you even when you make the wrong decision.

  1.      She is ready for difficulties

Luck can turn away from you at any moment. Therefore, your girlfriend can quickly leave you as well. Some girls just don’t know how to cope with crises. They are good when everything is good. And when the “bad” comes, our cuties turn into monstrous bitches. And this can be a real insult. But this behavior can always be foreseen if you set a goal.

  1.      She really loves you

There is a kind of girls who believe if they have feelings, then men should be happy just because they cook and sleep with them. When a relationship is spontaneous and short-lived, then all this is enough. But when you are serious, a girlfriend should understand that the games are over and you have to be the best for her. Remember all these qualities of a good woman.

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