Fears that Ruin Relationships

Have you ever wondered why romantic relationships die? What is killing them? Is it cheating or getting bored of each other? Is it because you are a loser or because your partner is rude or violent? Or maybe the reason lies that you fear it? Think of it, people have a fear of getting into a relationship. We often have a fear of rejection in relationships, which may culminate into the full-blown fear of relationships. It turns out that fear plays an important role in relationships, and if some fears may prevent us from getting romantically involved with someone, some fears can kill what has the possibility of strong bond. Losing your partner because you are constantly afraid that something will go wrong already sounds like something stupid, so let’s evaluate the most common relationship fears with https://datingbrides.com/profiles-gallery/.

Fear of Being Abandoned

You think that something is fishy? You think that your partner has some sugar on the side? Well, it is necessary to trust your gut, but are you sure that there is a reason why you feel so insecure about your partner? It is quite okay if you get the feeling that something’s going on if your partner started acting differently. If your partner is coming home later than usual on a regular basis and starts hiding his or her phone away from you and puts a password on his or her laptop, than be alert, your gut is definitely not fooling you. But if there is no particular reason, and you start thinking that your partner is going to leave as soon as you start dating – congratulations! There goes your typical fear of being abandoned. You should talk it over with your partner or better with the shrink before you start accusing your partner in being unfaithful without a single reason, which will contribute to your inevitable breakup.

Fear of Insecurity

Protection is the greatest aphrodisiac, but what thrill your relationship is going to have if you feel absolutely insecure with your partner? Probably your partner is to blame, right? Well, if he is not caring and doesn’t bother listening to you, then the answer is “yes”. But if you have a constant feeling of insecurity and no matter how hard your partner tries, he or she fails to make you feel protected, then the problem lies in you. Most likely you are having a typical fear of insecurity, which is often caused by your past. If you were growing in the highly insecure environment, most likely the feeling of insecurity will haunt you for the rest of your life. You should consult a shrink or, sooner or later, you’d start blaming your partner for not caring enough for you, which will lead to him or her stop caring for you, which in turns will lead to your breakup.

Fear of Criticism

You get deeply offended when someone points out your flaws? Be sure, that you will meet a lot of people who would do that because you think that you are a failure. You hide your true self, mostly by criticizing others, as, you know, attacking is the best form of defence. When you have a fear of criticism, you are most likely to draw people who would criticize you. You will demand extra reassurance from your partner, and you will get mad whenever he or she criticizes you, even when you deserve it. It is better to chat with your shrink about what can be done because people with the fear of criticism are rarely happy in their relationships.

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