4-Week Core Challenge

Strengthening your core is one of the crucial things you can perform for your body. The core muscles are responsible for giving support to the entire body. A core which is very strong will help reduce back pains during workouts and also boost your fitness. Most people would like to have a strong core but lack the knowledge of how to get it. Maintaining your abdomen in a good shape boosts your balance, your posture, and stability. To gain stability, you will need to concentrate on strengthening the core muscles, as well as getting the core muscles used to the movements required. Your intense training can be supported by the use of supplements that will make you get stronger faster. One of those supplements is oxymetholon which can promote muscle growth by improving your synthesis of proteins. This anabolic steroid gives fast results and noticeable gains in a very short time. Here we have pieced together a 4-week core workout challenge.

What to focus on

In each week, you will have three exercises to do. You can do these workouts anytime during the week. Try doing the exercises on alternate days so that your muscles will get enough time for recovery and your body gets the rest it needs. The exercise consist of:

  1.      Planks

Planks are simple but effective exercises. Planks work on your shoulders, glutes, and the core muscles, which connect your lower and upper body. Planks do not require any equipment and can be done anywhere. Put your hands directly beneath your shoulders, keeping them at a shoulder-width apart and set yourself like you are about to do a pushup. Ground your toes to the floor and squeeze your glutes in the process to help you stabilize your body. Keep your head in alignment with your back. Hold for a minimum of 20 seconds.

  1.      Side Plank

This movement works on the side muscles of your core. Begin with lying on one side, with both of your legs stacked together. Otherwise position the left foot just behind the right for balance. Make sure your shoulders, elbows, and body make a straight line. Bring your hip down but do not let it touch the ground. Pull it back to the side plank position and then repeat the procedure, now switching sides. Take slow breaths to ensure you have your core engaged.

  1.      Russian twists

The name might give the impression that this is a complicated exercise, but in fact, it is quite simple and does not require any equipment. This exercise works on your abs, obliques, and the lower back. Start by lying on your back on a mat. Raise your legs up to create a right angle with your thighs and torso. Extend your arms out, ensuring the palms are facing down. Contract your abs and spin through your torso while pulling your legs down to the right. Stop when you can no longer maintain your shoulder blades on the mat. Raise your legs back up and repeat the procedure with the other side.

Week 1

  •         Planks lasting 20 seconds
  •         Side planks for 20 seconds
  •         Russian twists for 20 seconds

Week 2

  •         Planks for 25 seconds
  •         Side planks for 25 seconds
  •         Russian twists for 25 seconds

Week 3

  •         Planks for 30 seconds
  •         Side planks for 30 seconds
  •         Russian twists for 30 seconds

Week 4

  •         Planks for 35 seconds
  •         Side planks for 35 seconds
  •         Russian twists for 35 seconds

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