Wizkid and Davido: Who is the richest?

Wizkid and Davido are two the most popular musicians in Nigeria. Many people still argue who of them is better. The discussions regarding who of two musicians is richer also don’t stop. Are you ready to compare two idols of the Nigerian industry of rap and find out who is the richest? You seek to learn the interesting facts about celebrities, their way of life and career? Then we are ready to share this information with you.

Two tremendous musicians from Nigeria are known not only thanks to the solo career. They recorded tracks together many times. However today we will consider their achievements separately. We will compare their awards, money, songs and admirers, and will answer the question: Wizkid and Davido – who is the richest?

Davido’s biography

The rapper was born in Atlanta, the USA, in 1992. His real name is David Adedeji Adeleke. The musician was initially very rich as his father is a rich businessman and a billionaire. At the age of 23 years, Davido could become the famous performer and the music producer. Moreover, the musician is a co-owner of the HKN brand together with his brother. Being the famous rapper, he could also become a producer of the several amazing musicians, including Naeto, Tiwa Savage, etc. Also, the musician has the contract with MTN signed in 2012 and estimated at N30 millions. Later, in 2013, he became the partner of Guinness.

Being a little boy, he has moved to Lagos where his true outstanding career has begun. He has released the debut album for the first time in 2012. Besides, he has presented several popular solo songs to the attention of listeners. Many admirers believe that he has reached the maximum popularity after has released a single under the name Back When. This song became a hit number one in the entire Africa. Davido is also a popular initiator of scandals and often appears in the news of Nigeria. He is known for the visits to expensive clubs and fights on the street.

However, shortcomings of the musician are not an occasion to deny the fact that he is very popular and rich person. At the age of 20 years, he has bought a mansion worth of N140 million. The total amount of money earned by him reaches N3 billions at the moment. He has a big income thanks to his numerous contracts, advertising and of course, to his tracks. He has many admirers in all territory of Africa. Two hits of the singer have 15 and 11 million viewings on YouTube. He has more than 2 million subscribers on Facebook. He is also a star of Instagram of Nigeria. Davido has a large number of awards (more than 20 of national and international). For all the time of the musical career, Wizkid has been nominated for various awards more than 50 times.

Wizkid’s biography

This Nigerian rapper is extremely talented. His career has begun when he was a little boy at the age of 11 years. He was born in Nigeria in 1990. Presently he is an outstanding performer and the author of many songs. His earliest album was released in 2001. It was released together with the Glorious Five group and has received the name ‘Lil Prinz’. He became widely known in 2010 after the song ‘Holla at Your Boy’.

It was a part of his debut studio album. Later, he has released some more known singles. Wizkid is not just a solo performer. He cooperates with other stars, such as Bracket, R2Bees, and so on. Together they have recorded several tracks, which became the real hits in Nigeria. Now he is the CEO of Star Boys record, which is considered the most known and richest project in Nigeria.

In 2012, he has signed the agreement on cooperation with the largest company on production of drinks of Pepsi, which has brought him the income in the size of $350,000. Besides, the commercial transaction has given him many opportunities for advance. In 2013, he has received the one-year contract with MTN. In October of the same year, he has signed the agreement with Guinness for a concert in Lagos on Victoria Island in November. In 2015, it was declared that Wizkid has signed the new agreement with giant GLO, which has been estimated at N128 M. Income of this great rapper is very impressive.

He draws the great attention of the public thanks to his outstanding albums. In the total, his income makes approximately N2.3 billion. As for admirers – they continue to grow every day. He has about 1.5 million subscribers on Facebook at the moment. As for awards and the nominations, Wizkid succeeded to receive many of them.

He has won 18 competitions, being nominated for an award more than 65 times. Both musicians really deserve the attention of fans of music worldwide as they have made much for the Nigerian musical industry. Each of them has his strengths. Their income is very impressive, especially, if to consider the age of each performer.

Who is the richest musician in Nigeria?

If we compare the income of Davido and Wizkid, then it will be obvious that the second earns a little more than the first one. However, the distinction is not really big. Besides, Wizkid has begun the way to success when he was still a child that attracts additional interest in his glory. Even if we can count their money, we can’t make the same with their talent. It is impossible to compare their songs and progress because both of them are the best Nigerian rappers. The musical industry of the country would be something empty without them. And a large number of admirers of these musicians will agree with this fact.


Now we have learnt more about these famous guys and learnt some interesting facts about Wizkid and Davido. Their biographies are really worth your attention. Each of them has the right to be at the top. And it isn’t important how much money each of them earns because the talent is an immeasurable indicator. Especially as it has no borders and musicians will be ready to please you with the tracks for a long time from now.

Become their subscriber on Facebook and YouTube and enjoy their music. Learn how they have come to their brilliant situation.

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