Trusting Too Much Can Kill Your Relationship

We believe that relationship are built on trust. That’s true, as when you don’t trust each other and constantly suspect each other in infidelity, you are in a toxic relationship that mainly lead to inevitable breakup. But we rarely think that too much trust in a relationship may kill your romance. Moreover, when you blindly trust your partner, your significant other can use it to his or her own benefit. Yep, relationships with no trust are no good, but you won’t benefit from too much trust. Let’s check out with russian dating sitewhen too much trust in relationships is no good.


Blind Trust


People say that love is blind. Thus the trust is blind too. When you trust your partner too much, you may experience physical and emotional abuse without understanding it. Blind trust puts your faith into anyone, regardless of his or her trustworthiness and reliability. If you blindly trust your partner, he or she may humiliate you or physically abuse you, and you will take it. You will accept it, as you trust your partner, and he or she says that it is normal for the relationship. Even if you someone from the outside would learn about it and tell you that’s not right, you would experience problems believing it. Blind trust is a reluctance to experience doubt and anxiety. Thus you prefer to trust your partner regardless of what he or she does.



Consequences of the Blind Trust


It is funny, but couples that are slowly building trust in a relationship, are generally stronger than those who blindly trust each other. It is normal for people to doubt anything, even their partners. If you don’t experience relationships trust issues, then you are either in an ideal relationship or you are experiencing blind trust, which means that you are going to face a lot of troubles. What troubles? Well, let’s have a more detailed look at the consequences of the blind trust.


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Years of Physical Abuse


Your partner may abuse you physically for years, if you blindly trust him or her. You may experience painful sex, but you trust your partner, thus you will take it. He or she may beat you, and then say that it is normal for the relationship, and you will take it. Your partner may force you into having sex, when you really don’t want it, but you will take it, as it is normal in a relationship according to you significant other.


Years of Verbal Abuse


We often underestimate verbal abuse, but it may hurt way deeper than physical abuse. Spending years in a relationship in which you are exposed to verbal abuse may result in a low self-esteem, which will make it difficult for you to survive the breakup and build new relationship.




You know that the more you trust the easier you get fooled. Your partner may be unfaithful to. You may believe it or not, but your medical tests would give you an answer that you would have to believe. While STDs are unpleasant, HIV may be deadly. Did you know that most of the HIV-positive people are heterosexual people, who got infected because of one night stands? So, forget about blind trust.


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