Top Benefits of Prayer in School

Most people may wonder if prayer is important in school. While some disagree with its importance, there are many schools all over the world where students recite daily prayers to their God prayers to their God. Religious leaders from all denominations support this idea 100 percent. Since most people are not aware of the benefits of prayer in school, it is crucial to enumerate all the benefits that come with it. It will surprise you to learn that the benefits cut across the board and even include improving the school by making your child a better person both at home and in society. Here are the benefits.

It Promotes Good Virtue

We all know that virtues are better than vices whether in kids or adults. When school children recite daily prayers, they keep promises to their God. They pray that they will practice virtues like love, kindness, forgiveness and many others. They also seek peace with God for the bad things they have done. This grows their spiritual lives and prevents them from engaging in all the vices like hurting others, jealousy and hatred. From this, it is evident that kids will grow up being better people.

It Promotes Good Citizenship

Every nation deserves people who are productive and stay on the good side of the law. Schools have the responsibility to mold such citizens, and prayer is one of the factors that accomplishes this. When the teachers encourage the kids to recite daily prayers, they encourage students to pray for obedience to the law and the energy to work hard. These virtues will be instilled in them and will never leave them even when they are old. It is noted that schools that recite prayers produce better citizens than those that do not.

It Is a Sign of Solidarity

Solidarity and teamwork are greatly needed in schools. Students will always have group assignments that they must do together. Most of the time, prayers in schools are recited in groups rather than individually. Kids come together either in their groups or classes and recite the prayers. In the long run, group prayer promotes solidarity and teamwork.

Promotes Communication and Expression

Even young students need to learn the best way to communicate and express themselves. Prayers are a form of communication and expression. So, the students who lead the prayers talk to God as if they are talking to a friend. They express themselves by seeking forgiveness, asking for things and thanking Him for the things He has provided. Some kids are better at leading prayers than others. But, one thing for sure is that each kid will become better at communication and expression as he or she leads more prayers.

Promotes Respect for All Religions

  1. It is true that different religions have different approaches to prayers. Things like prayer time and the style of prayer vary. Some schools have students of different religious backgrounds, and a school that promotes prayers in all of them also promotes respect for such religions. Kids of other religious backgrounds will know that others exist and respect them.

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