SGF, Mustapha Speaks On Nigeria’s Breakup

Boss Mustapha, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), has dismissed claims that Nigeria will break up.

The SGF says he laughs whenever he hears people talking about the country’s breakup.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, after his daughter’s wedding on Saturday, the SGF said the foundations of the country were too deep for a break-up.

According to Mustapha, “Amanda was not the first to get into inter-tribal marriage from my family.

“I am a trail blazer, I went ahead of her, it is a marriage of unity.

“That is why whenever I hear people talking about Nigeria breaking up I just laugh.

“The foundations are deep, they are really deep,’’ he said.

Going further, the SGF said he came from a home with other siblings who all, except one, got married to people outside his tribe.

“I come from a home where I have other siblings, with the exception of one, my elder sister, nobody ever got married from my tribe.

”All of us got married, I have a brother in-law who is Igbo, a have a brother in-law who is Urhobo, I am married to a Yoruba.

“So basically our home has always been a small Nigeria and whenever we congregate there are Igbos, there are Urhobos, there are Yorubas, there are all manners of people.

“We can claim to be true Nigerians.”

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