Ethiopian maid who fell from 7-floor while in front of her laughing employer is still alive

The Ethiopian maid whose video went viral on Friday after she was seen falling down from a 7th-floor apartment in Kuwait, has finally spoken out.
In the terrifying video, the unnamed woman hung from the railing, while her employer who could be heard laughing started recording the incident, instead of helping her into safety. Watch the video here
Speaking from her hospital bed, the woman who incredibly survived the fall, which occurred in the upscale Sabah el-Salem area,  said she wasn’t trying to commit suicide, as her employer who filmed the whole terrible event had implied.
According to the victim who was speaking Amharic in a video interview, she said she was trying to escape from being killed by her employer.
‘I was trying to escape from the woman who tried to kill me.’
The Kuwaiti woman has since been arrested, and human rights organizations are asking authorities to investigate the incident to its utmost consequences.
Watch the video after the cut….

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