Republicans’ old Obama tweets come back to bite after Trump’s 12th golfing trip as President

Tweets from top Republicans disparaging former President Barack Obama’s golfing trips have come back to haunt them as President Donald Trump finishes up his 12th golfing trip in two months.

The President, who tweeted on multiple occasions that his predecessor should not have spent so much time on the course, has spent every weekend since 20 January swinging clubs at his Florida estate.

It is estimated that each trip south from Washington DC costs taxpayers around $3 million.

The press pool was told the President would spend last Saturday “in meetings” but an Instagram photo showing Mr Trump in his golfing gear at his club house suggested otherwise.

But it is not only the President whose past tweets appear relatively hypocritical in 2017 under a Republican administration. His Press Secretary Sean Spicer also attacked Mr Obama in 2012.

“Wish I could be on the golf course but have to work – must be nice to be President,” he wrote.

Reince Priebus, Mr Trump’s chief of staff, wrote in August 2014: “Obama’s golf outings aren’t just bad optics, they’re foolish. And voters realise that.”

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