UNAAB Staff “Fry Akara”, Throw Party As They Celebrate VC’s Suspension

The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) and the Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU), UNAAB’s chapter, held a party earlier this week at the SSANU complex following the suspension of the University’s embattled VC Prof. Oluwole Bamidele Oyewole.

As at the early hours of Tuesday, 15th of May, 2017, the SSANU complex in the school, was an open ground and motion ground had been occupied by both SSANU and NASU to publicly celebrate the suspension of the Prof. Oyewole, who they’ve constantly been having issues and have held series of protest against him.

DJ was seen playing music at the school’s motion ground for NASU, which had earlier been forbidden in the school since 2012. The NASU members were putting on a Wine polo shirt.

A live band was also at SSANU complex open ground entertaining SSANU who were all putting on different gorgeous attires.

The school’s VC started having troubles with SSANU and NASU last year when he suspended principal members of the Staff Union and had refused to reinstate them, before the Union filed a complaint against the VC and one of Funaab’s Pro Chancellors for corruption related charges.

This also led to a series of protest held by SSANU and NASU against the VC and had crippled academic activities in the school, before the VC was finally forced to reinstate the suspended principal members of the Staff Union.

Banners conveying discrediting comments were put on display as members of the association celebrated the Vice Chancellor’s suspension – according to insiders in the school, the association fried “bean cake” for the V.C, an act said to be done when someone dies, most especially in Yorubaland.

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Excerpts from FUNAAB Juice


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