Corp member dies few hours to the completion of his NYSC

Solanke Oluwaseun Dudman, a Facebook user took to his social media page to announce the death of Saanu Daniel Segun, a corp member, who reportedly died few hours to the completion of his NYSC program

“I was about calling to congratulate you on the completion of your NYSC when I received the news of your demise. Just this past week, U sent me your service pictures that u wish to enlarge them whenever you are back and have kept your passport photograph not knowing you won’t come back for it.


“Agbayanu Daniel as I fondly call u… The moments we shared will forever be fresh in my memory. You made an impact in my life… I can never forget you blood. Still finding it difficult to believe u are gone my senior friend … RIP Saanu Daniel Segun.” The news of the corp member’s death was also confirmed by Daniel Oluwatomilola Jiboku, another Facebook user who shared a post about the demise of the young man. “Hmmmm Death why did you snatch away this soul. Already at the edge of fulfilling destiny yet you took him away. Saanu Daniel Segun i wish you can wake up. I remember how we spoke at learnt discussing your plans. Never knew that will be the end. “Still in shock about your demise. You were an inspiration in the music minisytry, i look up to you in worship session. You were not only a best friend but also a family, we bonded, play and scold each other. I never imagined this how we gonna end. “Thank God you made use of the opportunity of being zealous for the work of God. “Rest in the bossom of the lord. GOD BE WITH YOU TILL WE MEET AGAIN.

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