Hushpuppi shares how he overcame poverty

Nigerian Big Boy, Hushpuppi has declared that he overcame poverty, which he claimed was his greatest challenge ever.

Hushpuppi during a Q&A on His Instagram revealed that he had to get away from Nigeria, and Nigerians in general.

According to him, ‘my greatest challenge was getting myself out of poverty. How I did it was simple, I got out of Nigeria and stayed far away from Nigeria and Nigerians’.

He also shared the below throwback picture on his Instagram page, captioning it: “They don’t care what u do when you aren’t successful but want to know every bit of your business when you make it. If you didn’t care back then, don’t care now. Simple ✌️. And let this post inspire and motivate u to continue the hustle, nobody wey no fit make am o. Somebody give this beat maker/producer a stage name”

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