Ben Bruce blasts President Buhari, says ‘he surrounds himself with failures’

Nigerian business magnate and Politician, Benedict Murray-Bruce has lambasted the people, President Muhammadu Buhari associates himself with.

The Bayelsa East Senator accused the President of being surrounded by people who cannot find an ultimate solution to the end of killings in Nigeria

He tweeted ;

The people you surround yourself with reflect who you are and when I look at the people that President Buhari surrounds himself with, I see a reflection of failure! How can you be surrounded by people who are still ‘cracking their heads’ after three years of killings in Nigeria!

Meanwhile the Senator is also advocating that Nigerians be allowed to vote by SMS in future elections.

The Bayelsa State Lawmaker is advocating this method as a means to help check electoral malpractice following the fallout from Saturday’s election in Ekiti State.

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