After four year, I finally got over infertility without medicines

Finally I am glad I can say I am fulfilled as a true African woman. Of course, my joy knows no bound as I share this experience with you. But honestly, I can’t hold tears from my eye as I write this because of the panic, worry, and worst of all the shame I have been through in recent past. I don’t know what brings you joy but I could say to you that I have been made to believe that only children who are God’s heritage can bring a married couple extreme joy. This is the belief of the family member that surrounded me. I had my wedding on October 23, 2010. It was a church wedding and was celebrated on a low key, since we weren’t that buoyant. I am proud to say that I was a virgin till the eve of my honeymoon, this was one of the respect I got from my husband that made him kept faith in me throughout the period of my fruitlessness.

Four months after my wedding, I was getting worried that I was yet to conceive, although my husband calmed me down and will turn down the suggestion of a medical examinations. At a point I concluded that the fault was from him which I presumed was his reason for declining the test. He is a part-time pastor, so he preaches faith a lot to me and would give me consolatory words. I had no one else to run to but him, since I have lost my parents. At exactly a year and four months of our marriage, that should be around February 2012, my mother-in-law and one of my sisters-in-law paid us a visit. My mother-in-law asked if I had taken in before but had miscarriage. I responded “no”. She asked about my present status which I told her was still the same. She felt so concerned and demanded that I followed her to the village for some medication. I couldn’t do that because of my job. She seems to understand but left for the village the following day and returned with a hamper full of herbs and various roots, some to be boiled for drinking and bathing, some to be chewed before sex and others to be prepared for eating. I was choice-less because of my predicament, so I succumbed to doing her wish, with the permission and encouragement from my husband. This lasted for several months with no tangible result. My mother-in-law did not hide her frustration and disbelieve in me after 2 years of our marriage. She told her son to get another that could bare him children. It was after this pressure that my husband subscribed to the idea of going to the hospital for medical check-up.

On December 4, 2012, we had an appointment with the doctor. After series of questioning we were examined. I would not lie to you; it came to me as a shock when the result showed that my husband was 100% normal but there was a problem in my uterus, which had being affecting my ovulation. He asked me series of questions such as; if I was eating regularly, if I was drinking, smoking, or undergoing stress. It was obvious I didn’t have excessive weight. The only cause for worry was my extreme brief menstrual cycles. I was told that there was need to address my short menstrual cycle by taking some anti-biotic or supplements. After this I was made to undergo a minor surgery, since he said there was a blockage in my uterus. To cut the long story short, all this efforts proved abortive,as I remained barren. My husband was no longer having the patience he used to have for me any longer.Though, he could not send me parking because of his position in the church. On March 20, 2014, I was in a seminal talk for expecting mothers when the speaker spoke about the benefits of some supplements. I was so interested that I raised question pertaining to my condition. He suggested I get some help from this site With reluctance, I gave it a trial. Well, I was proven wrong as the very choice I took that day will always remain the best I have ever taken in my life. After taking the supplements for about four and half month to the glory of the Lord, I became pregnant. My husband was so happy when we found out on the August 14, 2014 that I had taken in. Today I am a proud mother of twins. Please I encourage women, with my condition, to patronize natural supplements ( It has worked for me. I believe by God’s grace it will work for you.


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