A former university student leader dazzles village with 47 cows as dowry

– A young man has caused a stir in the village of his fiancee where he presented 47 cows, which he termed as a small token of appreciation, as dowry to his in-laws

– The former student leader of Univerity of Nairobi is an aspiring politician who displayed great wealth when he went to officially ask for his fiancee’s hand in marriage

Alex Matere, a former University of Nairobi students’ body chairman, now a businessman and an aspiring politician, commanded a huge following as they drove off to Tigania East.4.

It does appear as if Western Kenya men have taken a shine to women from Meru county! Yes, another man spent millions as his fiancee’ invited him to her home to pay dowry.

This ninja’s trip begun from a sleepy village in Western, where 30 vehicles made their way to Nairobi, transporting friends and family.

Upon arrival, the convoy was joined by 47 other vehicles and together, they headed off to Tigania over the weekend in what was touted as ‘a show of might’.

According to the information received, 28-year-old Matere proceeded to hand over 47 heads of cattle as dowry for his fiancee, Hellena, whom he has dated for more than a year.

“47 cows to me were just a token of appreciation for her parents, human life is priceless, many people think that it’s too much but we can do anything for people we love the most” said Matere.

After that, he had to pick out his fiancee from a crowd of veiled women, failure to which would have cost him a goat according to the Ameru tradition.

The same opulence was witnessed in October 2015, when Jared Otieno led a convoy of posh vehicles to Meru county to pay dowry for his wife, Kendi Mwiti.

It was rumored that he spent more than KSh 15 million on the dowry, and KSh 30 million on the wedding a year later.

All anyone could notice were the choppers, expensive cars, posh wedding venues and so forth.

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