Amazing Discovery!!:Secret formula to cure bald head finally discovered

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Dear loyal reader,

Are you sick and tired of carrying a bald hair with that feeling of embarrassment?

 Do you want to have a a full, dark and soft hair..even if your bald hair is terrible?

 DO You Want to Finally get rid of your ugly & Annoying bald hair and look like a real man?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then this is the best article you’ll ever read!


My name is xbaldie Segun, I used to have terrible bald hair just like you, I had terrible blad hair that almost ruined my life.

But after like 7yrs I discovered a powerful secret that helped me get rid of it finally..want to know it? Then read my story to the very end!

All because I had bald hair matter my friends usually pure rains of insults like Half a Plot, moon head, mirror in the sun, express road, shine shine bobo..oh men! In short, the insults got me so hard, I became a total introvert. Back then I used to have nice looking hair one day I tried combing my hair, because I do comb them according to the wave of the hair.

It started when I noticed that I had begin to lose some hair and some hair will stand straight up after combing, at first I ignored that, thinking it was a new strand of hair re-growing.

“The Reverse Was the Case!”

I was losing my fine hair “slowly”! After like a week time it was like the witches in my village caused me with rapid hair loss! For over 7yrs I tried several things….

Is it mixing igbo with spirt? Is it using onion and vinegar? I even used egg too! I tried all sort of creams..oils and stuffs… Nothing Worked! It was Like I was caused to carry terrible hair for the rest of my life! Wanna know what worked?

“It Runs in the Family BUT this 100% Natural Cure Stopped it…Permanently!”

You see, my grandfather on my mothers side was bald! My dad has a terrible bald hair too…Even my mom suffers from hair loss too. I saw my mum elder sister’s own, Sister Ronke, then I knew “the Struggle was real”, she suffers from severe hair loss too….

Then the Turning point came when I feel deeply in love with one fine, fresh babe, Amaka Eze. I tried toasting her severally, but she “Friend-Zoned” me. Why? All Because of My Bald Hair!

I never felt so embarrassed about my hair loss condition until that day. I got angry and furious! I was sad! I was embarrassed! Fast forward today, I now have a full hair, all thanks to an 100% Natural Secret!

Then I went on a rampage to search for a quick solution to my Bald hair Palava. I tried all sort of things for 2yrs still nothing worked! Then I was chatting with a friend in the U.S.A on facebook, whom I told him about my Bald hair issues…he was surprise that I haven’t solved the problem, good thing was he revealed to me the secret to permanent hair loss. Solution he used to cure his Hair loss…

He Used to Look like “Humpty Dumpty, now he looks like a Super Start!”

So I asked him what he used..when he showed me I almost beat up myself for not discovering this long ago!

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