2019: What I’ll Do Within 2 Years If Elected President — David Mark

Sen. David Mark, presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has promised to turn around the economy of the country within two years if elected president of Nigeria in the 2019 general elections.

Mark, a former Senate President, made the promise on Tuesday at the PDP state secretariat in Lokoja while on a campaign visit to solicit votes of the state delegates to the presidential primaries in October.

He pledged to do many things differently to revamp the economy saying, “a lot of research had been done on the economy and if given the chance, he would bring them to bear and turn around things’’.

Economic growth under his watch, according to him, will experience tremendous change within 700 days, and will be physical and not based on paper statistics.

“I will do so many things differently. When we put our processes in, the woman who is selling groundnuts by the roadside will feel the impact.

“It is not by mere statistics or indices that we churn out. We want the ordinary people in the streets to feel the impact of the economy on their lives.

“We have young men and women who are neck dip into research and understand the economy of this country,” he said.

On his acceptance by the electorate in the core Northern part of the country, Mark said he had equally worked for candidates from the core North and that now it was their turn to support him.

“I think the core North should support us because we also have supported the core North. It is a give and take thing and we are talking about Nigeria.

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“We are not talking about a section of this country. If I don’t have a national support, to be honest with you, I would not want to be a president of this country.

“I want to be president of a united and indivisible country called Nigeria. Call it core north, core south or core whatever, wherever they are, let them support me because we too have supported them,” he said.

On consensus candidate, the former senate president said that would be left for the aspirants and the party to decide.

“Whatever we do, the most important thing is that whoever emerges should emerge through a process that is fair, transparent and credible whether it is by consensus or by primaries.


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