JUST IN: What Nnamdi Kanu Is Going To Do For Israel — Rosenberg

Harry Rosenberg, the Jewish man the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu met yesterday at the Tel Aviv University has made a startling revelation about their meeting.

PLUSMILA MEDIA reports that Kanu Wednesday visited the prestigious Tel Aviv University where he said he presented the Biafra struggle for independence to Israeli academia.

Rosenberg — seen in a photograph with the IPOB leader, said that he (Kanu) was going to help manifest the idea of a “global Israel” which they have been speaking about for quite some time.

He further disclosed that the Biafran leader is expected to sign up “40 million Igbos” to help Israel achieve “the great world peace which is to come.”

Rosenberg also stated that the exercise has nothing to do with conversion or modern day religion.

His statement;

“We’ve been speaking about the concept of a global Israel for quite some time, both ancient and modern. Was honored to meet the man trying to help manifest this vision, by bringing his tribe, the Igbo tribe, to the table to sign his 40 million brothers up in this great world peace to come. with Nnamdi Kanu”

“Also – this doesn’t have anything to do with conversion or modern day religion. This is more in the realm of prophecies of old.”

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