(Watch Video)”If we don’t get a referendum on Biafra’s independence, there will be no elections in the South East”- IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, says in new interview

In a new interview with Deutche Welle Africa, IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, says there would be no election in the South East unless the federal government conducts a referendum on Biafra. Kanu during the week told members of his group that there would be no election in the South East, starting with Anambra state, unless the Federal government agrees to its call for a referendum on Biafra. Speaking in the interview, Kanu said

“There will be no election in Biafra land. No more elections. They can put whoever they like in office, they can do whatever they like with their political positions but we will not engage in any political process”.

Making reference to the various attacks by herdsmen, Kanu said although the Biafran agitation is a peaceful one, they would require arms and ammunition for self defense.

“I am sure you have heard about the Fulani herdsmen killing people all over the place. So how do you intend to defend yourself against the Fulani people who have guns and bullets. They have been killing our people, raping our women, destroying crops in the farms. No one has done anything about it. Is that how human beings are supposed to live? Self defense is recognized even by the laws in the UN. We have the right. If someone were to barge into this interview and is wielding a machete or an AK 47, are you suggesting we should let  them get away with it”.

Kanu described Nigeria as an uncivilized country. He said he was not treated fairly by the Nigerian judicial system.

“I was not treated fairly. Nigeria is not a civilized country. People behave like animals. They are not reasonable enough. They are not disciplined. They are not mentally developed enough to run a transparent civil society They have a fiddle mindset where you have the ruling class and a multitude of poverty stricken who never utter any word in rebellion or to even ask questions about their plight. That is one thing we are determined to challenge”.

When asked how he feels using such words to describe Nigerians, Kanu said

“I am being very kind to be honest. I could have used far more harsh words to describe them. I am being very kind. Perhaps there are a few good people among them but as a collective, it is a complete mess and you can see for yourself. You look through the road, you see how horrible they are. Don’t you see how unkempt everywhere is? How filthy and dirty everywhere is? That is the product of a Nigerian system that is uniquely backwards even by the very third world standards of black Africa”.

According to Kanu, Biafra existed before the British came into Nigeria

“We were existing before the British came. Just allow us to go back to what we were before. No African came to Europe to create countries, so for somebody to just come here and say you, you and you are now Nigerians is simply laughable”.

Watch the video below…

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