Igbos will blame themselves if Nigeria break up -Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka

– Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka said Igbo people need to learn from the mistakes they made during Biafra

– The Ogirishi of Igboland said Igbos need to stop investing outside Igboland

– He said Ojukwu has already declared Biafra and there is no need to make another declaration

Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka has said that Igbos are making the same mistake they made at the end of the Biafra war by investing outside Igboland. Vanguard reports that the Ogirishi of Igboland said the agitation for Biafra was already declared by Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu and there was no need to make another declaration.

He reminded Igbos that most of them lost their properties at the end of the Biafra war and had to start afresh from the 20 pounds they received from the federal government.

Ezeonwuka wondered why Igbos would still continue to invest outside Igboland and then be agitating for Biafra at the same time when they were likely to lose all the investment if the country broke-up. He said: “If you call yourself an Igboman or a Biafran, you must have heard that only 20 pounds was released to every Igbo man shortly after the civil war, and their properties were forcefully taken away from them in some parts of the country in the name of abandoned properties, yet they managed to survive”.

“However, he continued, it is quite unfortunate that the same Ndigbo who suffered these deprivations have not learnt our lessons from it, to the extent that after surviving the post-civil war trauma, they still went ahead to invest all their monies outside Igbo land where their monies and properties could be abandoned for the second time in the event of another outbreak of war or possible break-up of the country”.

“I presume that Ndigbo cannot be identified as fools with their first mistakes but with this second mistakes of continuing to invest massively in other parts of the country, as they are doing now in their numbers, they can be identified as proper fools and as such, the step could be likened to an Igbo adage which states that first fool is not fool but second fool is proper foolishness”.

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“To me, Biafra republic has already been declared by Ojukwu in 1967 and there will be no need for declaration of Biafra for the second time. Ojukwu declared it, fought for it and died for it. There will be no need for a second declaration. All we need to do is to do remembrance anniversaries and befitting burials for those who died during the struggle”.

He also reacted to General Alani Akinrinade’s statement that he would not have participated in the war if he had known some of the issues affecting the country would be happening now. Ezeonwuka described it as “medicine after deathtor better still, crying over a spilled milk”.


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