Teenage Somalian asylum seeker in Germany rapes two elderly men in care home and murders the wife of one victim

An 18 year old Somalian asylum seeker has been charged with raping two disabled men in a care home and murdering one of their wives in Germany. The assailant is said to have broken into the home in the county of Betheim late last year and sneaked into the room of a paralysed 59-year-old man to rape him.

He then moved to an adjoining and raped another man before being confronted by the victim’s 87-year-old wife, who he is accused of killing. German police say he was engaged in sexually abusing the second man when he was disturbed by his wife and killed her using ‘great force’ to avoid being caught for his previous crimes.

The migrant was discovered by a janitor who was doing his rounds at about 3.30am when he noticed a figure in one of the hallways. He suspected it was a burglar, and confronted the man. The 18-year-old ran past and jumped out of a window before escaping.

Police were already on their way to the care home after the janitor called the emergency services thinking there had been a burglary but when he found blood splatters along the corridors, he alerted officers. As police officers and nurses went room-to-room, they eventually found the two male victims and the woman lying in a pool of blood. The suspect was apprehended at his home shortly afterwards and police found damp trainers in his wardrobe. The accused is currently being held in custody in a psychiatric hospital pending trial.

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