Son Buries Father In Grave Along With $7,630 Cash

A beloved son on January 16, gave his deceased father a final and befitting send-off with lots of cash.

The man from Selangor, Malaysia filled his father’s glass coffin with RM30,000 (US$7,630)

Photos from the funeral have since gone viral on social media, with stacks of RM50 notes covering the dead man’s body in the glass-topped coffin.

The funeral was held in the southern part of Selangor, near Kuala Lumpur. However, the location of the cemetery wasn’t disclosed for fear of grave theft.

see some reactions below:

Elizabeth Akesoba If i were his dad i would have gotten up and slapped him! Even in death he wants his dad to worry about armed robbers….where did they finally bury the guy?

Itz Mhiz Edna Cruz What I hate about gossip mall is that they would not write the location of this event, but they can update bobirisky twerk on a man’s lap in no 44 close lekki around 8pm😐…
maybe gossip mall has it in mind already to dig. Wicked people😐 anyway people😛 around that environment will not let the man rest in peace😂🤣

Amaka Patience What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul…

He loves his dad, but that Money that he buried wit his dad, he could hav used the money to help the orphanage homes, less priviledge and poor in the society… They will even join hands and pray for his father to REST IN PERFECT PEACE …
I just pray make theif no go open the burial ground o.. .

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