Solution to saggy Breast

Sagging of the breast is  a natural and inevitable process in women at some stage of their life. The Human breast has no muscle in them,only ligaments and skin tissues,therefore during physical activity,aging and pregnancy the breast’s ligaments and tissues loose part of their their elasticity, how fast the breast looses its elasticity depends on the strength of the skin tissues which is sometimes determined by diet and genetic factor.One thing is certain,breast sagging occurs in women of all age groups be it a teenage  or an adult.The causes of breast sagging is as follows;

Losing weight:when you loose weight some fat is lost creating the avenue for the breast to sag.

Breast involution:This may sound shocking but it is true that one of the causes of breast sagging is not breastfeeding  what!!!!! Chill let let me gist you.After putting to bed,the human system expects that the milk making system will be used to feed the baby,but when this is not done for too long the milk making system in the breast shrinks as the milk is not used.This leaves the skin tissue surrounding the breast to loose its elasticity and in the process leaving the breast sagged.

ATTENTION PLEASE!!!! Breastfeeding do not cause sagging of the breast rather mothers with smoking history and aged ones are more likely to get sagged breast or low self esteem breast as it is also called LOL.

All the above mentioned causes of breast sagging are all centered on skin tissues and ligaments therefore the approach to solving the puzzle is how best to strengthen the skin tissues and ligaments apart from others ways such as putting on the right bra size quitting smoking ,but I still prefer the natural way.The natural way of strengthening the skin elasticity mostly in women Is the use of Pineapples.

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Pineapples are one of  major tropical fruits we have and nature has endowed it with many nutrients which when consumed comes with some health benefits.Such benefits includes strong immune system due to the nutrient vitamin c it contains,antioxidants and easy digestion.The most important benefit as it relates to our subject matter is that pineapples strengths the skin elasticity.Recent scientific studies shows that pineapples is the best solution to sagging breasts not only this but also its antioxidant content prevents cancerous growth in the female breast.You can eat pineapples in chunks or you can make yourself a pineapple smoothie following the below procedure:


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1 full pineapple(chopped)

1 cup of drinking water

1 cup of yoghurt or milk

Blend the ingrideints until smooth.It is better served cold.Enjoy


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