Shocking Facts about Shisha smoking

Shisha AKA sheesha is mixed with honey and used for hookah smoking. Unlike the usual cigarettes that contains industrial chemicals and artificial additives, sheesha is made of only natural substances that is endowed with appetizing aroma and flavor.

Yes it is true that sheesha gives relaxation sensation to its smokers together with its flavored smoke.This has clouded the sense of decision in smokers who thinks that sheesh is harmless since all the harmful ingredients have been filtered through water

Unlike cigarette smokers sheesha smokers are uninformed of the damaging effects sheesha do to their bodies.  One of the comments there on Facebook reads”Sheesha doesn’t high” abeg this got me asking what this highing she is referring to. The last time I checked my medical dictionary I see no benefits in highing rather the dangers. So why so much emphasis on highing.I will leave you my readers to answer that.

Facts about shessha smoking you never knew

One thing common about sheesha smokers is that all thinks that “sheesha smoking is more safe that cigarette smoking” well the following revelations from health authorities will get you thinking.

  1. According to world health organization (WHO) study group on tobacco product regulation states that the smoke that comes from the water pipe in sheesha pot contains numerous substances responsible for causing lung cancer, heart disease and other respiratory disease in its smokers

2. Although the water in the sheesha pot absorbs some of the nicotine, smokers are still exposed to  a great percentage of nicotine left which is capable of causing addition. I guess you see why smokers get addicted easily and sheesha smoking becomes an addiction.

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3. World health organization further revealed that a single session of sheesha smoking yields nicotine that is equivalent to one pack of cigratte.WOW!!!!! thats a whole lot. What this means that you get to face the same health challenges cigarette smokers face.

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4. Still on the same research conducted by Department of health and center for tobacco control research, people who smoke sheesha can suffer from high carbon monoxide just as cigarette smokers do too.

This what sheeha smokers do

Sheesha smokers do this anytime they smoke and share one pipe.

In addition I deem it necessary to bring to your notice all sheesha smokers that communicable diseases can be yours whenever you share that sheesha pipe with anyone. I know you didn’t see that coming..Yes communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, cold, flu and the rest can be transmitted from one smoker to another by sharing the same pipe.

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