Shocking moment motorcyclist loses control before falling off head first and getting dragged by his bike

A video shows the heart-stopping moment a man lost control of his motorcycle in California, causing it to wobble uncontrollably before it ended in an accident. Surprisingly, the motorcyclist survived the accident. The man had been traveling down Interstate 80E in California and had just merged onto the Sacramento highway when his motorcycle started shaking and crashed. The entire incident was caught on camera by Erica Hoff whose family was riding in a car beside the crashing bike. Erica posted the video online and wrote what happened in the caption.
She said she was driving in the fast lane with her kids at the time of the incident and the bike had lost control several times before she brought out her phone to film.

She wrote:

“As he merged, his bike would shake and wobble. He sometimes would only have one hand on the handle bars while it was shaking.”

She said she had no idea why the bike kept wobbling but noticed it shook only when the motorcyclist hit high speeds. After about 5 or 10 miles, Erica said he had lost control almost six times. She wrote:

“So I got my phone out, thinking ‘its only a matter of time before he crashes’ and I wanted the video as evidence in case anyone else got hurt.”

The bike ended up crashing like Erica predicted. In the video shot by the witness, the man is seen desperately trying to maintain control on his bike as it wobbled in the middle of the road. The man tried to keep the bike from tipping over by braking. He put his feet out to halt the bike but it spun around and threw the man into the road, head first.
The bike dragged the him along the road until it halted after a while. Erica said she parked and called 911 then. She also tried to help pull the man and his bike off the road to prevent them from getting hit by speeding cars.  But the man was able to walk over to the side of the road by himself though he was seriously injured.

“His face was really mashed up (his nose looked broken) and arms covered in blood. Crazy road crash!!! I still wonder how he’s doing,”

Erica concluded in the caption of the video.

See the horrifying video below..

Source: Daily Mail

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