Woman who married ghost of 300-year-old pirate earlier in 2018 says they have split up

An Irish woman who got married to the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate says they have split up less than one year after marriage.

Amanda Teague, 46, from Drogheda, County Louth, in Ireland, married the ghost of a Haitian pirate, named Jack, whom she referred to as her “soulmate”. She fell in love with and married the pirate’s ghost because she was tired of “physical world” men.

The wedding between Amanda and Jack, who was purportedly executed for thieving on the high seas in the 1700s, held earlier this year on board a boat in international waters off the Irish coast. It was conducted by a Shaman priest.

Amanda paid a whopping €6,000 to change her name legally after the wedding. She also worked as an impersonator of “Pirates of the Caribbean” character Jack Sparrow. She changed her look and had replica tattoos, dreadlocks and gold teeth fitted to look like identical to the character.

Before the marriage, Amanda made headlines for her tips on “having ghost sex”sessions. She claimed she and 300-year-old ghost Jack went on dates, had rows and even had an active sex life. They dated for two years before becoming engaged and then married.

However, the Irish Mirror reports the couple have called it quits after less than a year.

Amanda announced their separation via social media, writing:

So I feel it’s time to let everyone know that my marriage is over.

I will explain all in due course but for now all I want to say is be VERY careful when dabbling in spirituality, it’s not something to mess with.

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