Saraki, Ekweremadu Embrace, Felicitate Each Other As NASS Siege Ends

Ohanaeze Ndigbo has today described the blockage of the National Assembly by the State Security Service as shocking and an impeachable offence in the constitution of the country.

The National Publicity Secretary of the group, Barr Uche Achi In a statement issued in Abakaliki:

“Recent events in Nigeria, climaxing in the blockade and prevention of marked adversary Senators and House Of Reps Members from gaining access into the legislative building altogether, are not coming to us as surprises. Instead, they are sprouting in alarming crescendos in crystal vindication of our stand that only a restructured Nigeria can thrive henceforth

“The foundations of Nigeria have been pulverized and until restructured will continue to nosedive irretrievably and I liken the situation to Ola Rotimi’s adage in The gods Are Not To Blame, “Until the rotten tooth is pulled out the mouth must chew with caution”.

“The National Assembly is the precinct of democracy and should never be visited by or with executive lawlessness wrapped in discernible hocus pocus.

The event of today in particular is raw as it is a clueless brandishing from the executors. Nothing more can be an impeachable offence than this callous desecration of the National Assembly which is the symbol of democracy. To offer any reason(s) for this igneous and ignominious display is to merely dwell in whipping sentiments.

“It is obvious from the prevailing circumstances that neither the Police nor the DSS has been or can be queried because they are acting on “instructions from above” to the chagrin of helpless and horribly dumbfounded Nigerians.

“If Mr Daura, the DG, DSS is neither suspended nor sacked after today’s event so that Mr Idris, the IGP will take caution (or follow suit), l will resign to fate.”

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