The Top Richest Men In Imo State Nigeria

Nowadays, Imo state is believed to be one of the states in the ranking of top 5 states in Nigeria. Among them are: Lagos state, Anambra state, Delta State, Rivers state, Imo state.

Speaking about Imo State GDP, it can be said that it now accounts to 14.24 billion dollars.

It has become economically strengthened due to its rich natural resources. Imo state made a great contribution to economy.

Who is the richest man in Imo state Nigeria? These is a list of the  richest men in Imo state:

Pascal Dozie 

He is believed to be Nigerian investment and business leader.

His native state is Imo state. African Development Consulting Group was one of his establishments. In addition to this, he established Diamond Bank Plc and Kunoch limited. Current richest man in Imo state now is Pascal Dozie.

Tony Ezenna 

He came from Akokwa located in Imo State. Tony Ezenna is known as an owner of Orange Drugs. This company deals with products manufacturing, such as: Delta Soup, Devon Soap, Boska.

Leo Stan Ekeh 

He is believed to be the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zinox Technologies Ltd. and Buyright Africa Dotcom Limited. In addition, he is supposed to be TaskDirect beginner.

So, you have seen the names of the richest men from Imo state. Do you want to become as wealthy as they are? JUST WORKHARD!!!

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