Police arrest 63 suspects over lynching of alleged ‘witch’ in Ghana

The Bolgatanga Police Command in the Upper East Region of Ghana, have arrested 63 suspects in connection with the lynching of a 67-year old woman at Penlugu market who was accused of being a witch.
The 63  suspects were picked up in a raid on Saturday at Pelungu and Tindongo, and are currently in custody, where they would be screened for identification.
The victim, Yenboka Kenna, age 67, was accused of witchcraft by some residents of the area and was sent to the Chief of Pelungu Naab Sobil Sore (IV) who later discharged her of not being guilty.
She was subsequently lynched by a mob on the night of Sunday, 28th May 2017, at the Pelungu market, a day before Major Maxwell Adam Mahama was lynched at Denkyira-Obuasi, the Central Region of Ghana
Speaking to Citi News, Bolgatanga Municipal Police Commander, Superintendent Samuel Punobyin, confirmed the arrest and said 63 male suspects including a lady are being held for investigation.

”We conducted a swoop in Pelungu market where the deceased was lynched and the surrounding houses and have arrested 63 male suspects including a lady and they are being held for investigations.

‘We conducted this swoop based on intelligence because we were told the lynching of the deceased was done by people living in the area.’

‘So the suspects will be screened today and so we are hoping that the witnesses who were also at the chief’s palace before the killing of the deceased will identify those who brought the deceased to the palace, those who demanded she should be released to them; and those who lynched the deceased for prosecution.

But for suspects who will not be fingered by the witnesses will be released on bail,’ he said.
Mr. Punobyin reiterated the commitment of the police to get all perpetrators involved in the lynching to face the law. He also denied allegations that a postmortem was never conducted on the deceased before her burial.

“When police went to the scene at Pelungu market to pick the body of the deceased, she was sent to the Bolga regional hospital mortuary for postmortem before the body was handed over to the deceased family for burial,” Mr. Punobyin stated.

The Chief of Pelungu,  Naab Sierig Sore Sobil (IV), who is currently in Geneva attending the International Labour Organization (ILO) conference is expected to report himself to the police upon his arrival for questioning.

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