Photos/Video: Two suspected car thieves attacked by ‘evil spirits’ strip themselves naked and bathe in a pool of mud water

Two suspected car thieves caused a stir in Mombasa, Kenya after they were attacked by ‘evil spirits’ when they allegedly stole a Nissan car.

According to local media outlets, they were driving towards Bamburi Mtambo from Bamburi Mwisho, when hey stopped the car, parked it outside a clinic, got out, undressed and begun bathing in a nearby pool of mud water. An eyewitness said the theives said the weather was hot – hence the bath.

The thieves also picked up a snake that was allegedly following them, took turns carrying it on their necks while talking to it, and even danced with it at a certain point.

Others who claimed to have recognised the car said the theives would only be ‘released’ after the legitimate owner of the stolen vehicle comes to pick it up. Police eventually arrived but had a hard time controlling the crowd. Watch a video recorded at the scene below.

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