“Give us names of the politicians that sponsored you” – Daddy Freeze to Stephanie Otobo

Stephanie Otobo made headlines today, after a video which shows her confessing that she was “paid” by some politicians to “destroy” Apostle Suleman.

Now, Daddy Freeze and many other Nigerians on social media are demanding that she gives the names of the politicians that sponsored her and if possible bank statements.

According to Freeze, ‘this is wonderful news for the body of Christ. However, to move Christianity forward, we must be able to identify these politicians and prevent them from carrying out such heinous attacks on our faith going forward’.

He continues, ‘to this end, I’ll be most obliged if you can provide us with the following. The names of these politicians; Account transfers to show the transactions in order to enable us trace, through BVN, the perpetrators of these acts and bring them to book. The bank account details are very important. Let’s remember the instance where a pastor was accused of buying a Mercedes SUV for a Lady. The registration details of the car were provided as well as bank transaction details. Thank you so much for your dedication to the propagation of his kingdom here on earth’.

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