How Obasanjo led 1000 Nigerian soldiers to their death

– Alabi Isama has said that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is an opportunist

– The Nigerian civil war veteran says Obasanjo only made it to the war front after the war had ended

– Isama noted that the former Nigerian leader is responsible for the death of many Nigerian soldiers during the Biafra war

Nigerian civil war veteran, Alabi Isama, has revealed that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is not the war hero he claims to be. Isama in his book titled “The Tragedy of Victory”, asserted that Obasanjo’s civil war account, published in ‘My Command’ in 1980, are lies.

The war veteran’s assertions were in response to details published by former President Olusegun Obasanjo in his new book, lambasting Mr Isama as a notorious figure who was fired from the army for being incompetent and deceitful.

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Isama in his book, claimed that he commanded the troops that liberated today’s Cross River State in thirty days of battle from Calabar to Obubra with no single casualty. He stressed that it was him that advanced 480 kilometres in 30 days from Calabar to Port Harcourt, liberating today’s Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Bayelsa states.

Noting he accomplished the task with 35,000 men and women with 15000 on logistics, building roads and pontoons, with 8 men and 2 officers as his casualties.

Isama however noted that on the other hand: “Obasanjo ordered the attack of Ohoba, a mere 24 miles from Owerri, in one hour of battle, more than 1,000 Nigerian soldiers were dead.”

The war hero stressed that Obasanjo is one of those who have left Nigeria in its devastated state, warning that the leaset the ex-president owes Nigerians, is the truth.

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