If there was no great injustice in the land, there would be no call for Biafra- Charly Boy says

In a post he shared on his Facebook page Wednesday, Charly Boy explained why he has always been in support of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu and also visited him after his release from prison.
What is your take on Biafra. Before Nnamdi Kanu’s release you visited him in court, probably in a show of solidarity.
Do you support the secession of the Igbo nation? For whatever reason, no man deserves to be ill treated in his fatherland as Nnamdi Kanu. Hence, the need for my inclusion in the ever-growing call for his release at the time. I am for equal rights and justice, period. Advocating for the okada community doesn’t necessarily make me an okada rider. Advocating for gay rights, doesn’t make me gay. Everybody is witness to the several injustices against the Igbo’s, we may differ on methodology. Biafra for me is a mindset. If there was no great injustice in the land, there would be no call for Biafra. So Don’t get it twisted.
Some time in January 2017, I wrote about my thoughts on the Biafra and the many things my Igbo kinsmen can alternatively dedicate their all to. I titled the article “The illusion called Biafra”, those who haven’t read it should read it up because what I wrote therein will always be my stance on Biafra.
We should channel our energies and abilities towards developing the South-East to become the economic-hub of Nigeria. Igbo nation and my people are great but for us to move forward we must kill this our individualistic tendencies, and come together to do great things.
Let it be clear to all that the sufferings and poverty of the People from the South East is also the sufferings and poverty of the peoples from the other geopolitical zones in Nigeria including my northern brothers. Even the nascent anti-corruption fight in the country has seen all tribe accordingly represented.
Therefore, I conclusively insist that Our Mumu Don Do because; The Failure of Leadership is evident in our agitation for Fairness, Justice and Equality for every Nigerian not just for every Igbo man. And so the Mind of the typical Igbo Leader Needs a Revolution so that it can be realigned for the Interest of the People rather than the interest of a few.

Let’s focus on our homeland, Our states, and begin to demand accountability and responsibility from many of our Scammers, Riffraffs and Fraudsters in the entire nation.

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