Alleged child rapist gets tied up and beaten by angry mothers in India

Some furious mums took the law into their hands by tying up an alleged rapist and flogging him all over his body, especially around the region of his penis.  In the footage, three women can be seen surrounding the man as they delivered blows on him.

Two of the women tugged at the rope that bound the man in a bid to turn him in the direction they wanted. Meanwhile, a third woman carrying a child made sure to target his nether region when flogging him. When the man held his legs together to prevent the cane from getting to its target, the woman stopped flogging and started viciously poking at his male member with the cane.

She later handed the child over to another woman to enable her concentrate on the task at hand.
Families gathered round to watch the man getting beaten. As the alleged criminal got dragged around by the rope, he did nothing to resist the attack on him. A policeman is seen towards the end of the clip chatting to the crowd, while the man remained tied on the floor. It is believed that this happened in India but the specific area is not known.
Watch the video below.

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