Nigerian Native Doctor From Ogun State Poses With Dollars And Other Foreign Currencies

A native doctor has shared pictures of himself posing with dollars and other foreign currencies in a bid to attract customers. The native doctor who resides in Ogun state, claims he can make one very wealthy including guys engaging in Yahoo plus.

Despite the backlash he received from online users for posting the controversial pictures online, the native doctor seemed not be deterred because according to him, he can make people’s dreams come true.

see some reactions below;

Ndubuisi Sampson Nwosu That’s how my friend of those days meet One Native doctor to make him rich, But after much incantations & consultation of the spirit, Baba told my guy to go and act madness in Ghana for a year after which the guy would return to him in Nigeria to become a Millionaire… So after pretending to be mad in Ghana for a whole year, my guy traveled straight to Baba shrine in Nigeria as agreed but surprisingly Baba is dead for 6 months..That’s how my guy run mad true true (In real) & become a full blown mad man & start roaming the street naked. The one he do for Ghana na IT😁😁😁

Succeeder Adebanji Iroomo NAwa o,, musicians dey post and pose ,Even herbalist and ritualist dey post Our youth don’t even know whether to study herbalistology, or face their studies, Buhari has succeeded mismanaged our life
I’m confused tho ,,pls where person fit join herbalist gang

Courage Omoregbee If Ogun can give good things to his servant,why do people think God can’t answer their prayer and grant the desire of their heart?


One thought on “Nigerian Native Doctor From Ogun State Poses With Dollars And Other Foreign Currencies

  • January 27, 2018 at 10:56 am

    Abeg oo..dat thin no b money na pepa


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