19-year-old Nigerian girl and her 23-year-old boyfriend celebrate their first year anniversary

A 19-year-old and her 23-year-old boyfriend are celebrating their first anniversary together, and they shared some cute loved-up photos on Facebook.

The 19-year-old wrote;

“AWESOME GOD ???? August 1st That’s When It All Started???? The Journey Has Been Rough?? And Tough??There Are Moment We Laugh?? And Moment We Cry??But The Most Beautiful Part Of It Are The Unforgettable Memories We Made Together??…Ever Since I Met You You Have Been A Blessing ????To Me…My Best friend ??My Human Diary ??My Love ??My Joy ??My Happiness?? My Sunshine?? My Moon?? My Heartbeat ??My Diamond ??My Fight Buddy ??My Prayer Warrior ??My Plaintain Eater??…

Even Thou You Won’t Let Me Eat In Peace?? ….You Find It So Comfortable To Cry?? In My Presence…(Ayoola You Are The Main Reason I Won’t Give Up) ????That’s What You Told Me…Am Not Perfect ??You Ain’t Perfect Either??…You Never Let Your Ego Come In between Us????…You Make Mistakes I Did Too…But You Never Find It So Diffucult To ????Apologize…When You Wrong You Say Sorry????..

When Am Wrong You Say Sorry????…Even When An Outsider Offend Me You Say Sorry????…So Many Of My Mistakes That You Over Look Even The One I Don’t Think You Will??… You Are Beautiful That’s Your Favorite Slang To Me???? …You Make Me Laugh Without Reasons?? ….

So Many Reasons For Us To Leave Each other?? But That Reasons Make Our Love Stronger…The Way You Call Adunni Mi Makes Me Laugh Out Loud??…And The Way You Stuggle To Cook In The Kitchen??? When I Refuse To Is My Favorite Comedy Show????…Right Here Am Moved To Tears?? And Short Of Words??…..Olami Am Gonna Love You This Life And After Life ??????

You Are My Reasons To Love ??????And Thanks For Being There I Really Appreciate???? And God Will Continue to Keep Us ????We Won’t Get Tired Of Each Other IJN???? HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US MY LOVE♥?♥? I ADORE YOU”


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