Nigerian national arrested in India with heroin

Jalandhar police, India have arrested a Nigerian national with heroin worth Rs 1.35 crore from the Urban Estate area.

The accused simply identified as Ifeanyi, had come to India on a tourist visa later stayed back and got involved in the drug peddling business.

According to the police, the accused was part of a major network running from Delhi that has spread its branches to various states, including Punjab.

CIA in-charge Inspector Ajayveer said that since the international peddlers destroyed their original documents, including passport, it becomes difficult for the police to know their real identity.

Ifeanyi was sent to remand and the police is expected to dig out more details about the network being operated here by Ifeani and his associates.

Ajayvir said with the sealing of the international border with Pakistan, the drug peddlers are now following the reverse route that runs from Delhi to Punjab. 5 held with 150 boxes of ‘palti’ liquor.

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