Hell is not real – Top pastor reveals

A popular man of God has caused wahala online with his recent declaration that hell is not real.

Pastor Timothy Rogers from the Prince of Peace church in Arkansas, USA made his declaration at a burial ceremony that held recently.

Timothy who is also a singer said hell is a fairy tale and whoever believes in hell must also believe in Santa Claus according to Christian Post.

Read excerpts from his sermon below:

“Is he (the young man who passed) going to Hell? Did he accept Jesus as his …?’ See, Y’all have been sold a lie. You’ve been bamboozled. All that stuff is a fairytale. To believe in Hell means you have to believe in Santa Claus. I don’t care how you cut [it].

Hell is an imaginary place. And I was told that if anything that does not have an explanation must be imagination. When you’re dead, you’re done. That’s why you can talk about a Hell that you don’t know nobody went to.

For a billion years ain’t nobody ever came back and told you that they were hot. For a billion years, ain’t nobody ever came back and told you that they up in yonder singing around in a choir. I didn’t come for you to agree with me. I know how to lay it out to y’all salted but I don’t care. I didn’t come for you to agree with me.”

His words where received with shouts of encouragement from members of the congregation so he continued saying whether one goes to hell or heaven is based on one’s actions and decisions.

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“That’s why when you read the Old Testament, Hell wasn’t under the earth. When you read the Old Testament, Hell was on the earth. When you read the Old Testament, Heaven wasn’t beyond the sky, when you read the Old Testament, Heaven was in the Garden of Eden.

Heaven was Canaan. What I came to tell you is you’re waiting to go to Hell and you went and turned your life into a living hell. Why? Because you have become a worshiper of death.”

He also asked people to study the bible more so they can better understand it.

“God didn’t give you a Bible to send you to Heaven or Hell. He gave you a Bible to give you instructions. You can either make your life heaven or you can make your life hell. Look at your neighbor and say ‘use the instructions.”

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