Nigerian man savagely pulled out of train by inspectors in Germany

A 48-year-old Nigerian man was savagely pulled out of a train by two ticket inspectors of the Deutsche Bahn German train system because he did not have a ticket. The man had been discovered when the inspectors got to him during a check.

Upon discovery, they asked him to show an ID card and pay a €60 fine but when he couldn’t, he was forced out of the train.

A witness captured the inspectors on camera as they engaged in a struggle with the man who vehemently refused to leave the train. The Nigerian fare-dodger held on to metal handrails and refused to let go as two men in uniform struggled to get him out of the train headed to Munich city center from the airport. One of the inspectors can be seen grabbing the man’s neck and pulling him towards the door while another tried to remove the man’s hand from the rail.

A woman filming the scuffle can be heard screaming at the inspectors and accusing them of racism. She said the guy did not do anything and had given them €9 in cash out of the €60 fine he was asked to pay.

She can be heard saying: “It’s absolutely not OK what you’re doing, the guy didn’t do anything to you. You should be ashamed of yourself, this is racism what you’re doing. Why are you doing this? He paid.”

The woman continues filming until someone seemingly tries to stop her. She later told Huffington Post that the Nigerian man pleaded with the men and told them €9 was all he had and he needed it for food, yet they collected it from him and still threw him out of the train.

When the inspectors finally got the man out on the platform at Leuchtenbergring station, he was forced to the ground with his face pressing against the asphalt. The same woman can be heard yelling at the inspectors again, saying it’s “because he’s black.”

Commenting on the incident later, Deutsche Bahn, the company operating trains in Germany, said it was “unusual to receive only partial payments”. The company also stated that the man was acting aggressively and refused to leave the train and that’s what led the inspectors to use force. The witness, however, refuted this and described the man as having remained calm.

She shared the video on her Facebook account, adding a caption that suggested he was rough handled because he was black. The post sparked outrage with a lot of people commenting that it had nothing to do with racism and the man was at fault for not paying then refusing to comply with the inspectors.

See the video below….

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