Man kills nine people after he was mocked for failing to serve in the Army

The Russian authorities have arrested a man suspected of murdering nine people in a drunken rage during a house party in the Tver region.
45-year-old Sergey Yegorov allegedly shot and killed five men and four women at the house party over the weekend.
UK Mirror reports that the shooting spree started after fellow guests began to taunt him for not being a “real man” because he had not served in the Russian army.


Following the misunderstanding, he gunned down his hosts and fellow guests at the dacha country house using a registered weapon.
Ivan Zagornyan, the owner of the house, where the party was being held, was shot dead. A neighbor Slava Savelyev who was also at the venue also got killed too.
The only survivor, a 21-year-woman, who cheated death by hiding under a duvet and pretending to be dead, describe Yegorov as a ‘Madman’.
In tears, she said:
“He was just a madman.He walked in and shot everyone. I saw it, I heard how he moved the bodies.
“I saw him finishing them, heard their last gasps for air’, she said.
Vadim Levshin, an Interior Ministry official, who confirmed the incident said it was caused by a drunken conflict
‘He lived in Moscow where he earned money by doing temporary jobs. He came to Tver to have a weekend break.
‘The crime was caused by a drunken conflict.’
According to the reports, most men of his age served as teenage conscripts in the Soviet army or later in Russian forces.

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