Man interrupts wife’s burial ceremony, throws corpse on the floor gathered that a man whose wife was receiving her burial rites, got into a fight with his in-laws, causing his wife’s body to fall out of the coffin.

According to eyewitness reports, while a burial ceremony was ongoing somewhere in Nnewi South LGA in Anambra state, pandemonium broke out following the actions of a man and his in-laws.

The deceased’s husband popularly known as “Who know man” had tried to bury his second wife when his late first wife (whom he had issues with when she was alive) had already been in the mortuary for about 3 years.

Trouble started after the family of the first wife upon hearing about his plans to bury his wife on June 23, decided to ensure that their sister got her own burial first, as it was ‘her right’.

According to reports from CFRMagazine, “Who know man” had been strongly opposed by the elders of the village after he told them of his plans to bury his second wife before the first.

He was told that he was supposed to adhere strictly to Igbo tradition by burying his first wife first before interring the second one. He was said to have ignored their warnings and gone ahead to make plans for the burial of his second wife.

On the day of the burial, June 23, the family of the first wife retrieved their sister’s body from the mortuary, headed straight to “Who know man’s house and interrupted the lying-in-state ceremony, all the while insisting that her body be buried first.

One of the coffins was thrown to the ground while the people engaged in a free-for-all fight, upsetting the corpse in it

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The police had to step into the situation, in order for the burial to continue


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