Check out the world’s biggest heart, a 440lb organ of Blue Whale which is the same size as a smart car and first to be preserved at Museum in Toronto

The world’s largest animals are Blue whales, they weigh up to 137,000kg but many find it had to believe that they have massive hearts.
Researchers in Toronto, Canada have preserved a huge, 200kg blue whale heart that was retrieved from a carcass in Newfoundland in 2014.
The gigantic heart which has the same size as a smart car, pumps up to 220 liters of blood per minute has been placed on display at the Royal Ontario Museum.
According to the researchers, they are preserving it through a process of plastination, which involves soaking it in acetone to remove all the water.
The researchers also pumped it with formaldehyde, which stops decay by stiffening the hearts muscles. They then drained it of acetone and placed it in a vacuum for over four months.
One of the researchers, Jacqueline Miller, said the preserved heart could last up to 1,000 years.

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