Man allegedly disappears after N70 million was raised for his sick child

In a new shocking update about the man who cried out on the road with his sick son

Last week a video of a visibly distraught father went viral after he sat in the middle of the road with his sick son in Port-harcourt, crying out over his inability to get ‘proper’ treatment for his son.

Nigerians were moved by his plight and a humanitarian, KBK requested for his info, so he could be helped.

KBK was finally able to get through to him, there were calls for donations, and in less than a week, donations amounting to over 70 million naira was raised.

However in a new shocking update, by the humanitarian KBK, the said ‘father’ has cut off all communication, and even blocked him on Instagram.

Here’s what KBK shared on his page;

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