Jesse Neo Announces Music Marketplace Gemtracks

Twenty-two-year-old singer-songwriter, producer and DJ, Jesse Neo, is a familiar name when it comes to the electronic music scene. However, at the beginning of the year, the singer launched a new venture into the digital world with the introduction of his music marketplace, Gemtracks.


Jesse, who is originally from Australia, became a fulltime songwriter in 2017 after being contacted by labels and massive YouTube channels. He explained the offers came as a surprise and was the beginning of how he truly got into the music industry.


“In 2017, I released my first single, which became an overnight hit and made its way into clubs and radios across the world,” the singer told us. “Not long after, my phone and inbox became bombarded with requests from companies asking me to ghost write for them.”


At that time, Jesse had to manually respond to each request with samples of his work before he could discuss the payment and rights to the songs.


“The stress that came out of it caused me months of sleepless nights,” he continued. “Eventually, seeing a lot of my favourite companies going online, I asked myself why I couldn’t also do that with my music. With that, I created Gemtracks where I listed all my beats and allowed interested labels and record companies to purchase them without having to go through me.”


Within months, sales came through between $99 and $599 for each track, taking the singer by surprise.


“I was awestruck,” Jesse said. “Eventually producers I met in the studio saw the amount of money I was making and suggested I turn Gemtracks into a marketplace where anyone could contribute beats to the website and make some side money too.”

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Instantly, Jesse gathered some friends and made it happen. It was this year, 2020, that Gemtracks truly became a public platform.


“I’m just so happy with the way Gemtracks turned out,” Jesse revealed. “These days I am working on new features to add to the website so that musicians from every part of the creative journey would be able to find useful. I have also started an educational blog where I write about themes such as where I reveal how I make beats and explain vital things like Shure SM48 vs SM58 microphones.”


Starting out as a self-taught singer and producer, then becoming a songwriter for major labels, Jesse has proven himself again with the new move into the online industry. Already, Gemtracks has been mentioned in The Huffington Post and reported by celebrity blogger, Ameyaw Debrah, to name a few.


To keep up to date with Jesse Neo, you can follow him on Instagram.


You can listen to Jesse Neo’s music on Spotify.



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