Why Nigerians accuse me of telling lies – Lai Mohammed

– Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed recently denied ever lying to Nigerians

– Mohmammed, during an interview, revealed why he Nigerians accused him of lying

– The minister said being the face of opposition for a decade before Buhari’s administration has given Nigerians the wrong idea about him

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has revealed why a lot of Nigerians are accusing him of feeding the masses with little white lies.

Mohammed, during an interview with TV host, Osasu Igbinedion, tagged ‘Assessment of Buhari’s Administration’, said Nigerians blamed him for lying because they’ve associated him with the opposition party for a ten years.

He said: “I think I carried two major burdens. The first burden I carried is that I was the face of opposition for almost a decade and I think quite a big section of the internet has not forgiven me for the role I played in the coming of this government.

“Many of them hold me personally responsible for the defeat of the PDP.

“I am flattered by that but the truth of that it was Nigerians that wanted a new government and I was just one of the instrument.”

The Minister said he has since challenged Nigerians to point to any particular lie he said but so far, no Nigerians have been able to point to any lie.

He said: “I have always asked anybody to come out and say Alhaji Lai Mohammed, this is what you said at this point and we found it to be a lie and nobody so far has come out to say anything.

“You can fault me on emotions but you can never fault me on facts and figures.”

Meanwhile, Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has said the minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed, “needs a new brain”.

Fani-Kayode was reacting to a comment by Mohammed who tried to give reasons why the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government keeps flouting court orders.

Mohammed during an interview had said the government flouts court orders in the interest of national security. Fani-Kayode who disagreed with Mohammed said it is dangerous and false to say that the government had the right to disobey court orders on grounds of national security.

He said Mohammed looks and sounds like a drunken monkey when he says such things.

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