Jealous man poured acid over his girlfriend’s face and set her on fire because of a photo of her ex’s dog

A 24-year-old woman is in hospital receiving treatment for an acid burn inflicted on her by her jealous lover over something as simple as sharing the photo of her dog with her ex. 24-year-old Yekaterina M had to endure hours of torture as her boyfriend, Vyatcheslav, poured acid on her, pinned her down then set her on fire in an apartment in Moscow, Russia.
It had all started when she took a prank photo of her dog that she co-owned with her ex sitting on the door of the oven. Her current man saw the photo and told her not to share it with her ex, but she did and Vyatcheslav saw the chat, got angry and carried out the brutal attack on her.

“The shirt I was wearing immediately started to burn”, she said of the alleged assault in Moscow. I was trying to take it off, but he held me. Only later did he turn on the shower and put out the flames.”
The victim suffered severe burns but Vyatcheslav, allegedly kept her in the flat away from medical treatment for two hours. Photos show the woman in hospital with her head, chest and arms covered in bandages.
Explaining the attack, Yekaterina said it happened after a night in with friends after which she took the photo that cause the problem.

“He asked me not to share this photo, but I did, in our chat,” she said. Then when he found the photo in her sent box, he became enraged and attacked her.

She said:

 “He thought that I wanted to get back with my ex. He told me that I had five minutes to leave the place. My dog was still in there, so I could not abandon it there. I was trying to make a joke out of the situation.”

Police are currently investigating the man about the alleged attack, while medics are reportedly hopeful Yekaterina will make a full recovery.

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