Nigerian musician, Sir Juju Debala dies at 70

Nigerian musician, Sir Juju Debala renowned as the very first Urhobo artiste to have performed in England in 1948 has died at the age of 70. He died on Friday, August 11, 2017.


The late musician was born blind, deaf and lame wwhi made his father, Ocheria Debala to take him on a boat from Aladja to Warri and dumped him at the feet of a medicine man, Mokunghegbe of Iyara Quarters. History has it that the herbal doctor cured the child of his ailments; he started to see, to talk and, at last, to walk.


Late Sir Juju formed his juvenile Adjuya group at the age 13 in 1963. He later joined with Udjabo Okololo, also of Aladja, to establish the “Fashione” genre of popular music for which they are known. Juju and Udjabo are the most elegant duets in contemporary Urhobo musical experience.

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