Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves is in India for cosmetic surgery on his eye

Rodrigo Alves who is famous for his many cosmetic surgery alterations is in India for his 58th procedure. This time, he wants to permanently change his eye colour to light icy grey at a cost of £8000. The 33yr old filmed himself as he arrived at Heathrow Airport and revealed: ‘I’m on my way to New Delhi to have my eye colour surgery on Sunday. ‘I’m very excited, wish me luck!’

With cameras following him around, he could be seen taking in the sights of India, meeting locals, and going through routine checks with his surgeon who explained how the procedure will work. In an earlier interview, he revealed he wants to change his eye colour permanently to avoid the stress of frequently changing lenses, he also said the surgery will be done in India because doctors in the US and UK will not carry it out solely for cosmetic reasons. He said: ‘My next surgery will be a permanent eye colour change. I wear hand painted coloured lenses made by an artist here in the USA. Each pair is $500 and I have 14 different colours.

‘My natural eye colour is dark brown and I’m tired of wearing coloured lenses.’
‘Bright Ocular is now making a special eye colour implant light icy grey and the procedure will be performed next month in Delhi.’The procedure will also be filmed.

‘The eye surgeon will implant the coloured implant in front of my natural iris making it icy grey forever.’
‘Such procedure is also done in the USA and the UK but not for cosmetic reasons,’ the surgery fan added.
‘Some people who don’t have iris pigmentation can have these implants to give them an eye colour.
‘In my case it is for aesthetics reasons and there is no money on earth that would convince an eye doctor to do it in the USA or UK for cosmetic reasons.’

He added that he was flying to Delhi on the recommendation of friends:

 ‘Three of my friends had the procedure done and it looks amazing. From the reference I shall be visiting the same doctor in Delhi.’

Rodrigo inherited an impressive property portfolio from his grandparents and with money to burn, he has spent about £400000 on cosmetic surgery procedures which include liposuction, fillers, eight nose jobs and chest silicone implants as well as stem cell injections into his face and hair.

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