Disbelief among Nigerians as man shares testimony about woman who ‘fell from the sky’ (photos)

 A Nigerian man has claimed that a woman who fell from the sky is alive

– The woman reportedly confessed that she felt burns when she fell

plusmilang.com has come across the shocking story of a woman who allegedly fell from the sky. The story was shared on Facebook by a Nigerian man identified as Ilechie Collins.

The Nigerian man claimed that the woman had fallen from the sky. Collins who claimed that the woman is alive after falling from the sky, revealed that she is currently at Sapele police station in Delta state.

He said: “Happening Now:This woman fell from the sky this morning in Sapele Police Barrack to the surprise of everybody. I saw her live.”

In a video shared on Collins’ Facebook page, the woman was seen saying that she felt burns on her body. Collins claimed that the woman was confessing to being a witch.

According to him she has been moved to a magistrate court in Sapele. He said: “The witch is presently in Magistrate Court sapele. Hear her small confession.”

Nigerians have shared mixed reactions after Collins shared his post, claiming the woman is a witch. Many prayed that God punish the woman for her crimes while some expressed that she shouldn’t be judged.

Others, however, were confused and in shock about the unbelievable incident. Read comments below:

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